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Working Latte: Why Coffee and The Workplace

October 25, 2018

For many of us, coffee is simply a part of our lives. It is easy to develop a daily routine that helps us manage our time better and coffee can play a very important part in our enjoyment of the day. Coffee has been recognised for centuries as a stimulating drink and its popularity has not declined.

What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee? Part 2

September 6, 2018

In our previous post we covered the first step in making the perfect cup on coffee. If you missed it, grab a coffee, take a seat and settle in right here. Otherwise, welcome back! Let’s keep exploring and really sifting through the other elements that go into perfecti our beloved beverage.

What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee? Part 1

August 6, 2018

According to Justina Chen, ‘Adventure in life is good. Consistency in coffee, even better.’ It would be hard to find a coffee drinker who disagrees. Coffee has become the gasoline of the modern world, fuelling millions each day with the sweet promise of productivity and wakefulness.

Saving Money Every Morning With Office Coffee

June 29, 2018

Having a coffee machine at the office will save money, boost morale among employees, and create a more productive workplace. Call Coffex today on (03) 9380 1111 to inquire about getting a coffee machine for your office.