Australian International Coffee Awards

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, known simply as RASV, runs a number of award and competition programs to find, source and assess the very best in food. Some of these include distilled spirits, beer, wine and most importantly coffee.  

The RASV aims to celebrate excellence in agri-food production in Australia and around the world. Recognising highquality produce and products takes a keen eye for taste, sight and smell.  

RASV’s Australian International Coffee Awards are one of the most anticipated awards of the day. These awards received more than 800 entries from above 180 exhibitors from across the globe. 

But why enter when we know our coffee is one of the best in the world? Friendly competition only helps us understand what our other fellow coffee manufacturers are doing as well as how we can improve our already world-class coffee.   

In 2019, the awards received quality 805 entries from 151 exhibitors, making the decision tough for the judges’ panel. 

Amongst the 151 exhibitors was the Coffex Coffee Roasters, an age-old coffee provider from Australia. Founded in the year 1959, Coffex Coffee Roasters is dedicated to offering a vast variety of high-quality coffee to all coffee lovers. 

Since its inception, Coffex Coffee Roasters has grown to be a renowned international brand providing coffee to countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and New Zealand. 

The coffee provided by Coffex Coffee Roasters is known to be of superior quality because of the close monitoring the coffee gets from the very first stage of the plantation. Right from the crop to cup, the entire process is managed with the utmost care and importance. 

In the 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards, Coffex Coffee Roasters bagged a Gold for its White Blend in the Milk Category (Cappuccino). It also won Gold in the Pour Over, Single Origin Filter Category for Coffex  Sweet Latitude. 

Our brand also managed to secure two silvers, both for Classico  Expresso Blend Category,and in the– Cappuccino, Milk Category.

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If reading about the International Coffee Awards has got you thirsty, there’s no better way to quench that thirst than with an internationally recognised blend of coffee. If you’d like to be a judge for your, contact Coffex today by calling 1300 263 333. 

Working Latte: Why Coffee and The Workplace

For many of us, coffee is simply a part of our lives.

It is easy to develop a daily routine that helps us manage our time better and coffee can play a very important part in our enjoyment of the day.

Coffee has been recognised for centuries as a stimulating drink and its popularity has not declined.

Initially, it was considered to be medicinal because of its qualities and as a result of its delicious flavour and stimulatory effects, it spread across the world. Now coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. It is grown in countries across the world with some of the producers being small local farmers who have been using the same methods for generations.

The variety of beans, the growing conditions, the processing methods, the roasting techniques, and how it is brewed will all have impacts on the flavour of the coffee.

The heat of the roasting process triggers off a series of chemical reactions. Amino acids and sugars in the beans go through a process where they produce hundreds of new compounds that provide the delicious aromas and tastes of the coffee.

Coffee is popular with Australian office workers

It is one of those drinks that has been able to cross almost all international borders.

It is consumed in many different versions across the planet. Not only is it consumed at home and in social settings, it also often plays a role in the workplace.

In Australia, the largest amount of coffee consumption is still instant coffee but there has been a substantial change in recent years, with people looking to cafes to provide them with a quality coffee drink during the day.

Most of the coffee that is bought from cafes is espresso style made with well designed and engineered coffee machines using good quality beans that have been skilfully roasted.


We like our milk coffee drinks with cappuccinos and lattes being very popular. We also like our baristas who have the skills to make a great cup of coffee and get the milk silky smooth.

And because of how busy our lives have become there is also the takeaway coffee as well. This has become very popular with many people liking the convenience it provides.

Being able to buy a coffee and then drink it on the go from a fresh clean cup is a great bonus. It provides us with flexibility and gives us that little bit of extra time we could otherwise lose.

It is also very useful if you are making a coffee run from the office for your colleagues, with the convenience of standard disposable cups that fit on a customised cardboard tray. And the design of the cups now makes it a safer option that is easy to drink without spilling.

Raising awareness of coffee beans

As our tastes have developed we have started to show more of an interest in the quality of the coffee beans being used to make our coffee.

More and more we are seeing advertising about the beans and there is more information available about coffee types, single-source coffees, special blends, and different roasts that impact the flavour of the coffee.

There are also cafes that offer specialty coffees as well as alternative brewing methods.

The benefits of drinking coffee

Having a good coffee at work has become very popular.

Many people will look to a cafe for their coffee during a break or for a pick me up. If you are feeling a bit tired, then a coffee can be a great way to get you moving again.

There have been many studies undertaken that have demonstrated the benefits of drinking coffee.

Once the coffee beans have been roasted they produce an incredible mix of compounds that provide the aroma and taste of coffee. Maybe there are a few problems if too much coffee is consumed, but for the majority of people, coffee is simply one of those pleasures in life that has the added bonus of bringing multiple positive effects.

Coffee encourages conversation and productivity

Coffee has accompanied discussions over the centuries.

Initially, coffee houses across north Africa, the Arabic states, Turkey and Europe were the gathering places for philosophers, writers, intellectuals and artists. Many problems have been discussed and solved over coffee.

Coffee can sometimes lift the mind, allowing us to see things in a clearer way. It can reinvigorate a listless worker who needs a mid-afternoon boost.

In many ways, coffee could be considered to be one of the cornerstones upon which the productivity of countless industries has been based.

The truth is that without coffee many people would experience a decline in their productivity over the day. Coffee has a substantial role to play for the modern worker.

So what are the benefits of having coffee in the workplace?


Caffeine is found in coffee.
It is a stimulant that provides a boost to the brain and nervous system to help keep people alert and productive through the day.

Performance Enhancing

Interestingly, MIT undertook research that identified that the coffee break is a valuable contributor to work.

It can be a forum where employees are able to share personal and work-related experiences and an employer who enables their staff to take breaks together can see a lift in overall performance.



There has been a study that indicated people who drink at least three cups of coffee a day live longer than those who do not drink coffee at all.
It has also been shown it may have positive effects in reducing the impact of some health conditions, including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and liver disease.


Drinking coffee as part of the workforce in an office setting is likely to increase social interaction between staff.

There have been studies that indicate this increased sociability does not distract staff from their work, but instead often leads to greater productivity and staff feeling happier in their jobs.

Improved Circulation

A Japanese study showed that coffee is able to help improve blood circulation that had other benefits related to a reduction in neck and shoulder pain.

Stress Reduction

Interestingly, a study indicated that just the smell of coffee is able to have a beneficial effect on people who have not had enough sleep.

Current research indicates that it can stimulate the production of proteins that act as antioxidants and help to protect your body from cell damage associated with stress.


It has been shown that caffeine is able to increase the level of metabolic activity, which enables you to burn more fat.

This seems like a very simple and enjoyable way to manage weight loss. Perhaps it might not be as effective as exercise and diet management, but any contribution will help.

Coffee machines

In recent times, office coffee machines have replaced the water cooler as the place to gather. There is a lot of information that can be shared over a tasty cup of coffee.

If an employer invests in one of the office coffee machines available that produce cafe-quality coffee drinks, then it is possible to create an environment where staff are able to stay in the office to enjoy a refreshingly tasty latte rather than head out to a cafe.


This cuts down on time lost, but also provides the opportunity for more interaction in the office.

By creating a space that is conducive for staff to stop and chat, with suitable furniture for promoting these interactions, whether they are standing up and sitting down, then office coffee machines become a hub for office activity. Providing a bar type table and basic cafe style tables and chairs will encourage staff to continue conversations.

It will not just be a space where staff are able to become familiar with each other and socialise. It is also an environment where valuable information and ideas can be shared that relate to work activity.

In addition, it is important for managers to show recognition for the hard work done by their staff through providing suitable rewards. Staff will feel more motivated to perform at their best when provided with perks that make them feel more valued.

The provision of high-quality office coffee machines is a clear sign that management take the interests of their staff seriously.

Great coffee will impress clients

Another advantage is being able to offer your clients a freshly made coffee as part of your interaction. Providing quality coffee will be a sign to your client that you understand about doing things well and that this is part of all of your business activity.

Office coffee machines are now able to make a wide range of coffee drinks safely and quickly.
The results are consistent and for many of these machines, there is some flexibility in how the coffee is made so that you can ensure you get the drink that best suits your tastes. The machine will always be available to make your coffee and if you have a preference for a special blend of beans then there can be the opportunity to add your own.

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There are many reasons to take advantage of a quality coffee machine in the office, but most importantly it offers you the chance to enjoy a quality coffee whenever you choose.

Now, that cannot be a bad thing.

If you want a coffee machine for your office, contact Coffex today by calling (03) 9380 1111.