Indonesia Topidi Sulawesi

Indonesia Topidi Sulawesi


Gowa’s reputation for specialty production is growing, thanks in part to producers like Daeng Balenkang and his neighbors, who have been expanding their Typica rootstock and improving cultivation and processing methods for decades.

Now, they produce specialty Naturals, garnering higher prices for their coffee and increasing their incomes.

There are approximately 200 hectares of coffee planted near the surrounding villages. Coffee is shade grown under native trees in a lush, forested environment.  Most farms are organic by default.

Tasting Notes

The acidity of yellow stone fruit and red plum and with the sweetness of cotton candy and clove. Balancing the delicate black tea aromas with a long finish and smooth aftertaste.

Varietal / Altitude / Process

Linie S-795 , Typica / 1,500m asl / Natural Process


Tinggimoncong, Gowa, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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