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Commercial Espresso Machines

The best coffee requires the best commercial espresso machines. As professional roasters and wholesale coffee machine suppliers, we’ve worked tirelessly to give you the best coffee possible. That’s why we offer the high-end boutique espresso machines that have made us famous as an award-winning coffee provider. We provide the best brands like La Cimabali, which has spent over a century perfecting highly reliable espresso machines for commercial use.

Whether it is for a busy café or a large office, our range of commercial machines require low maintenance and high coffee output, meaning they can keep up with extreme working conditions without ever letting you down. From the modern marvel to the more traditional, Coffex Coffee Roasters offer commercial machinery for a seamless production line. Take a look at the commercial range our baristas prefer.
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Coffee machine suppliers for the office


Our machinery is designed to fit any space and serve any requirement. We provide the perfect coffee makers that are sure to be appreciated by both – your employees and your clients. The coffee that you serve to your clients will make your meetings even more impressive and memorable.


The best commercial coffee machines in Australia


Coffee culture becomes in part, a way of life as the taste for good coffee takes hold. Whether it’s the morning coffee before work or the after-dinner coffee after a three-course meal, people know the difference in a quality cup. Give your small cafe or big restaurant the edge with our barista approved commercial espresso machines.

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If you are interested in our machinery, call Coffex Coffee Roasters today to request a quote on 1300 263 333 or get in touch online.