Colombia - Sweet Latitude | Joaquin Corzo | Natural Process

Colombia - Sweet Latitude | Joaquin Corzo | Natural Process

This is a Specialty Grade Naturally processed coffee from the Los Medios Estate.

Producer Joaquin Corzo is located in the Northwest Region of Colombia, specifically in the Socorro village in the Chochos district of Santander. With harvests generally taking place from November through January, growing altitude at the estate is around 1550m and the crop is comprised of the Castillo variety.

Beautiful coffee plantation of Castillo varietals grown in Santander. Located in the North-Eastern part of the Colombian Andes, this area has a blessed microclimate with temperatures averaging 17 degrees (celsius) a relative humidity of 74%, and altitudes ranging from 1300m to 2100m.

Tasting Notes

Bright & sparkling citrus acidity, flavours of plum, dark currants, milk chocolates with a hint of spice. Finishes with a boozy aftertaste of delicious mulled wine.

Varietal / Altitude / Process

Castillo / 1,550m asl / Natural Process


Los Medios Farm / Chochos / Santander / Colombia

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