KeepCup 12oz™

KeepCup 12oz™

The famous and ever so environmentally friendly KeepCup. The pioneer and legends of our growing sustainability movement here in Melbourne. 

These are the classic KeepCups. 

Available in 12oz, 6oz and 4oz. 

To learn more about KeepCups, here are some of the excerpts from their website:

Fit for purpose design

Your KeepCup is made to last. We carefully consider purpose, materials and end of life when creating our products.

When you visit us, you can meet the people who hand assemble our products in our local warehouses – in Melbourne, Los Angeles and London.

We create products that are fit for purpose; to reduce and replace the use of disposable cups.

KeepCups are designed to facilitate reuse – for example, our press on lid is the result of precise engineering and manufacturing, to increase ease of use in busy café environments for those who make and drink coffee.

This connection to purpose informs our philosophy of choosing less, and it’s is an important step change in transforming to a circular economy.

Replaceable components

KeepCup components are detachable and replaceable. Ordering replacement parts from KeepCup – lids, bands – is much more energy efficient and less wasteful than buying a whole new KeepCup.

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