La Cimbali S20

La Cimbali S20
La Cimbali S20
La Cimbali S20

The S20 is a fully automatic machine that is capable of producing up to 96 different recipes.

The La Cimbali S20

The S20 is a capable machine that boasts some impressive features.

It features a touch screen where the desired beverage can be made with the tap of the screen. It is capable of making 200 coffees a day making it a perfect addition to any office, bakery or any other self-service environment.

  • Touch screen - with a range of different options
  • Has app capabilities which allow the machine to be used through a mobile phone using the CUP4YOU app
  • Can make up to 200 coffees a day
  • High capacity boiler
  • Capable of using a range of different milks including powdered milk
  • Customisable options available to cater for specific needs

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