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Your wholesale coffee suppliers

Since 1959 we have sourced premium beans from all around the world to create only the most outstanding blends, lovingly roasted and packaged in Melbourne for supreme freshness and impeccable taste.

Food Service
Cafes, Bar & Restaurant

After a three-course meal, the perfect after-dinner beverage for your customers might just be made from perfectly roasted Coffex Coffee beans. Whether you own a high-end restaurant, a local tapas bar or a café, everybody knows good coffee. Serve your customers the aroma and fresh roasted flavour of Coffex Read more

Deli, Supermarket & Stores

Praised by Baristas and coffee drinkers alike, Coffex Coffee Roasters brings award winning coffee to the retail market. We sell wholesale coffee beans to corporate retailers as well as supermarkets and independent retailers. Ensure your shelves will always need restocking by purchasing Coffex Coffee

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Contract Roasting

As one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the Southern hemisphere, Coffex provides contract roasting for private label and other brands. We are capable of roasting up to 30 tonnes of coffee per week, yet smaller batches are no problem with our 22-kilogram roaster.

We also have many options for specialty coffee, equipment and blank or uniquely branded packaging variations.

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