Praised by Baristas and coffee drinkers alike, Coffex Coffee Roasters brings award winning coffee to the retail market. We sell wholesale coffee beans to corporate retailers as well as supermarkets and independent retailers. Ensure your shelves will always need restocking by purchasing Coffex Coffee..

Why more retailers are choosing Coffex Coffee Roasters

Our coffee has been roasted in Melbourne since 1959, and our master roasters only used the best in European equipment. More corporate retailers are choosing our product every year as we stock unique flavours sourced from around the world. With 100% organic and Fairtrade range, we accommodate a better tasting and ethically sourced coffee. We also provide an extensive range of specialty blends and single origin coffee, meaning a better variety for the consumer, and the discerning coffee drinker alike. Our coffee is HaCCP and ISO9001 certified along with certifications for KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE and UTZ. Take a look at our range here.

Stock Award winning coffee

We at Coffex Coffee Roasters are honoured to have won multiple Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) for both our seasonal blend and single origin coffee beans. It is no small feat bringing Coffex Coffee Roasters it to store shelves. From the combined efforts of the producers we source from globally, the expertise of our master roasters to the customers who enjoy and support our coffee. Coffex Coffee Roasters strives to always bring the best coffee flavours into every roast.

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