Our beans are sourced from over 25 countries, and carefully profiled, tested and roasted by our Master Roasters.

Quality Coffee comes down to the bean. And sourcing the right coffee beans, from around the world is not a process we take lightly. The time and research we put in has taken us across four continents, sourcing from over 25 countries.

Our Master Roasters will then take their time to determine how best to optimise the taste of each blend, bringing out the flavour notes unique from each geographic location. But for us, finding 100% Organic Certified coffee, and harnessing the qualities from where it grown, is just part of the sourcing process.

At Coffex Coffee Roasters we understand the volatility of our favourite beverage. As a commodity, coffee is highly dependent on weather conditions, susceptible to disease and wouldn’t survive if not for the tireless work of the farmers who produce it. That’s why we not only consider the taste but also if the coffee is being sourced ethically. From ensuring that education is being provided to children of coffee farmers in various countries, to establishing whether these farmers are receiving a fair wage for their work.

It is for this reason that we created our Global Café Direct Range. Blends that are not only 100% Certified Organic but also Fairtrade certified. For a greater tasting and ethically sourced coffee.