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Coffee Wholesalers in Melbourne with More than 50 years of experience

Everything that we strive for as the best coffee roasters in Melbourne is to optimise the unique flavour and invigorating aroma of the coffee we offer. We didn’t get into this business just to be the typical wholesale coffee suppliers, but to share the experience of truly great coffee. Whether it be for home, work, or a cafe, trust Coffex to bring the premium standard in coffee roasting.

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Specialty Wholesale Coffee Bean Roasters

Bringing coffee to Melbourne and Sydney was all about sharing our passion. Offering locally roasted coffee from Brunswick since 1959, we at Coffex Coffee Roasters have spent half a century perfecting blends, supporting Organic & Fairtrade farmers, and distinguishing flavour profiles for the perfect cup of coffee. Take a look at our coffee range available in Australia.

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Specialty Coffee Roasters

In the process of perfecting every single blend of coffee, we have grown to become the leading coffee roasters in the southern hemisphere. We are not just known for our quality coffee, but also for our supply, machinery, quality production capabilities and our ability to keep up with the current coffee trends. We are capable enough to serve all of your roasting needs – be it wholesale, retail or contract. No matter what project we undertake – wholesale, retail or contract, we source high-quality coffee beans to achieve the best possible final result.

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This is Coffex Coffee Roasters


Roasting and blending exceptional coffee is our passion


Serve your customer the aroma and fresh roasted Coffex coffee


Australian International Coffee Awards


Exploring our myriad flavours of seasonal specialty coffee blends and single origin coffees