Coffex Coffee has the capacity to Contract Roast coffee for private labels and other brands in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

End-to-end manufacturing

As one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere, we are uniquely placed to offer a complete package. We use top of the line contract coffee roasters, source green beans, roast, package, warehouse and distribute internationally.

Globally Sourced

As one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere, Coffex has the complete package under the one roof. With highly skilled coffee roasters, sourcing from premium  green beans, roast, package, warehouse and distribute internationally.

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Quality Assured

Coffex is HaCCP certified. We also have certifications for Halal, Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance. Contact us for a tour of the plant.

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Sourcing from the worlds finest coffee plantations globally. This spans over 28+ origins, sourcing a range of premium Arabica and Robusta beans. This also includes ACO certified & Fairtrade plantations and many more. 


Our plant in Reservoir, Melbourne has a 300-kilogram Brambati coffee roaster(fully closed-loop system) and 150-kilogram coffee roasters. The roasting facilities enable Coffex to roast up to 30 tonnes of coffee per week. The huge amount of coffee that is roasted every day is warehoused and packed at the same plant. We have the ability to roast coffee in large quantities for commercial use as well as in smaller bespoke batches.

Coffex packing facilities
Warehouse floor


Our plant in Melbourne has facilities for E.S.E pod packaging, instant coffee sachets, 1kg/500g/250g form and fill packaging, and 250g vacuum packs. 

We also offer options for branded packaging including customised colours and finishes utilising an in-house design team.


Coffex has an extensive distribution network within Australia and overseas. Coffex currently exports all over the Asia-Pacific regions into China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and New Zealand with experience in export documentation and container filling.

coffee roasting

Locally roasted

All our coffees are roasted locally in Melbourne. Local roasting ensures that the product is freshly packed within the country for distribution. Also, it gives assurance for both, the quality and the flavour of the product being packed. As top contract coffee roasters, we aim at providing a wonderful experience to our customers, so they can build trust in our name and rely upon us for their need to develop a product of their choice.

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If you are interested in contract roasting, call us today on 03 9474 5555 or send an enquiry online.