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Established originally in Coburg, Coffex Coffee Roasters emerged during a golden age for coffee. Founded by two Italian partners, the company capitalised on the rising popularity of espresso bars brought over by European migrants. Recognising the growing demand for high-quality coffee in Australia, Coffex Coffee Roasters began as a modest operation with no more than ten staff.

2023 - new beginnings

As demand grew, Coffex moved from its original location to Brunswick and built a state-of-the-art roasting facility.  Today, the brand is known for its timeless coffee blends that are sourced from the coffee growing regions around the world and roasted to perfection in Melbourne. 

Based in Melbourne, we also have footprint in every state within Australia as well as abroad in Auckland, New Zealand.

Award winning

We’ve won multiple awards for all of our coffee range, from classic blends to our specialty offerings. Our coffee ranges have been acknowledged for our global & ethical sourcing, and the expertise of our master roasters.


We have an in-house dedicated training & coffee-tasting facility at the roastery in Melbourne. Expertise is applied to train and upskill learners in cupping, espresso machine methodology and alternative brewing. The curriculum spans from entry-level skill to comprehensive and advanced. We also have digital training programs on offer, allowing remote continuous learning via online learning.

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