Superbar 250g ground

By Coffex

Our flagship Superbar blend is a rich and satisfying coffee that is smooth in taste, and full of flavour.

Carefully selected and blended for optimum flavour, this blend works amazingly well in everything from an espresso to a latte. Beautifully crafted for the most discerning cafes and coffee connoisseurs, our Superbar will simply impress.

Imagine a well-rounded, syrupy coffee with sundried fruit, toffee sweetness and milk chocolate notes, and you've got this blend in one. Superbar is our most popular coffee to date.

Ground suitable for

Plunger, percolcator, caffetiera, domestic espresso

Tasting Notes

Sun-dried fruit, toffee and milk chocolate.

Roast Type



Mix of Central American, South American, African & Oceania Arabica