Staresso Pro Mirage

By Coffex

Make A Perfect Coffee On The Go - Anywhere, Any Time with a Staresso Pro Mirage

The most creative and innovative portable espresso machine, it redefines the genre and sets new standards. STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine has been manufactured using high quality materials.

Complying with major safety approvals regarding food contact materials and 100% BPA free

It help brew the smoothest and richest espresso. Making perfect coffee has never been easier! Just share those happy moments with friends and enjoy every espresso!

Espresso can be enjoyed on its own for its full, rich coffee flavor. It is also used to create majority of drinks from Cappuccino, Caffé Latteto, Caffé Americano to Red Eye.

STARESSO is constantly evolving the way you drink espresso and coffee. Now the pioneers of portable coffee maker, STARESSO, introduce the 3rd Gen Upgraded Manual Espresso Machine with an all-new design. Offering freshly brewed coffee with crema as well as delicious, authentic espresso.

One year manufacturer guarantee.