Seek the Finest Coffee equipment for every cup

The best coffee in the world can still be ruined by subpar equipment. Make the most out of every cup with Coffex Coffee’s equipment range. Whether you need a coffee machine for the café, the office or at home, we can provide industry leading equipment at affordable prices.

Coffee for Business

Need professional coffee equipment? Coffex Coffee Roasters only utilise the best in professional machines. As such we can provide the most industrious, high output range that makes a quality coffee, cup, after cup, after cup. If you require a machine to produce coffee for a café, bar or restaurant, choose the equipment that baristas prefer.

For the office

Quality coffee beans and equipment can help improve office or workplace productivity. Prepare your employees for the busy day with Coffex Coffee Roasters. Buy wholesale coffee and machinery at affordable prices. To learn more, click here.

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Our personal range

Start every morning with quality coffee with our range of home equipment. From pod coffee to semi-professional, we have coffee machinery for every taste as well as accessories to help you make the perfect coffee every time.

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