Our Blends

Every coffee bean we find is roasted to perfection using traditional techniques and finest European equipment. Whether it be researching and sourcing 100% Organic Certified coffee beans from around the world, to identifying that which is unique and original, we take our time to develop that quintessential flavour.

Classic Coffex Coffee Roasters

There is nothing like the classics. Blends like our flagship SuperBar, are popular throughout people’s homes, local cafés and bars. Beautifully crafted and well-rounded, our Classic range is what made our coffee so popular to begin with. With a range of flavourful notes and roasts dark and medium, these blends accentuate quality with every cup of coffee.

Award Winning Specialty Blend

Not only do we find quality coffee from regions, remote and exotic, but we also pay attention to their growing season. Understanding that growing seasons differ from region to region, means knowing the perfect time to harvest the coffee beans. This allows us to source our coffee beans at their best, creating specialty seasonal blends. RASV AICA and Golden Bean winning blends that have earned us many medals in the multitude of categories.

Coffex Coffee Roasters supporting Coffee Producers

We are also very proud of our range of Global Café Direct blends. Supporting Fairtrade, this award-winning coffee, helps to educate the children of coffee farmers, ensure fair wages and keep coffee farmers from being exploited. The quality of taste is made just that little bit richer knowing that the coffee beans are ethically sourced.

Our blends are certified HaCCP and ISO9001 and have certifications for KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE and UTZ.

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