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Our History

1959 - Beginnings

Established originally in Coburg, Coffex Coffee Roasters was born in a golden age for the beverage. The two Italian partners who founded it saw the rise of coffee and the decline of tea. The European migrant population had brought with them the coffee culture of espresso bars which were becoming increasingly popular.

Coffex Coffee Roasters was founded seeing the high demand for better quality coffee in Australia and started as a small operation with no more than ten staff.

1996 - In New Hands

The mid-nineties saw a change in management, with new owners taking over the company and through the late-nineties, into the early 2000’s, Coffex Coffee Roasters experienced the largest company growth. With the demand for Coffex Coffee Roasters increasing so rapidly, the company needed to move to a larger location in Brunswick.

With the move came the creation of a state-of-the-art roasting facility. Equipped the best roasting and packing equipment, Coffex Coffee Roasters began roasting on a scale like never before. Expanding to all Australian states, an office found their way into most capital states.

So too did Coffex Coffee cross the Tasman sea, establishing in New Zealand. Not long after, a 2nd Headquarters was set up In Malaysia, strengthening Coffex in a growing Asian Market.

2005 - Onwards and Upwards

It was the mid 2000’s that Coffex Coffee Roasters saw to the further expansion of export markets. Moving into Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and New Zealand. Coffex Coffee Roasters had grown from humble beginnings to an internationally recognised brand but has remained privately owned and family run since the very beginning.

As the brand continued to grow and source coffee beans from around the world, a second roasting facility opened in Malaysia in 2015.