The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, known simply as RASV, runs a number of award and competition programs to find, source and assess the very best in food. Some of these include distilled spirits, beer, wine and most importantly coffee.

The RASV aims to celebrate excellence in agri-food production in Australia and around the world. Recognising high–quality produce and products takes a keen eye for taste, sight and smell.

RASV’s Australian International Coffee Awards are one of the most anticipated awards of the day. These awards received more than 800 entries from above 180 exhibitors from across the globe.

But why enter when we know our coffee is one of the best in the world? Friendly competition only helps us understand what our other fellow coffee manufacturers are doing as well as how we can improve our already world-class coffee. In 2019, the awards received quality 805 entries from 151 exhibitors, making the decision tough for the judges’ panel.

Amongst the 151 exhibitors was the Coffex Coffee Roasters, an age-old coffee provider from Australia. Founded in the year 1959, Coffex Coffee Roasters is dedicated to offering a vast variety of high-quality coffee to all coffee lovers. Since its inception, Coffex Coffee Roasters has grown to be a renowned international brand providing coffee to countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and New Zealand.

The coffee provided by Coffex Coffee Roasters is known to be of superior quality because of the close monitoring the coffee gets from the very first stage of the plantation. Right from the crop to cup, the entire process is managed with the utmost care and importance.

In the 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards, Coffex Coffee Roasters bagged a Gold for its White Blend in the Milk Category (Cappuccino). It also won Gold in the Pour Over, Single Origin Filter Category for Coffex – Sweet Latitude. Our brand also managed to secure two silvers, both for Classico – Expresso Blend Category,and in the– Cappuccino, Milk Category.

Contact Coffex today If reading about the International Coffee Awards has got you thirsty, there’s no better way to quench that thirst than with an internationally recognised blend of coffee. If you’d like to be a judge for your, contact Coffex today by calling 1300 263 333.

Nicholas Bakker