A story from our supply chain

We choose to be Fairtrade certified because we see the way it improves the lives of the farmers and workers involved in making the coffee we import and roast. 

The Fairtrade Minimum Price means that the farmers can feel safe knowing that their costs of production are covered and that they can plan for the future.

The Fairtrade Premium is an additional amount of money that goes to the group of farmers (cooperative), who then decide with their community how that money should be spent.

The Premium is 20 US cents per pound of coffee of which at least one quarter must be spent to improve coffee quality.


Tile displaying the Fairtrade Premium generated by you - $17,864


In 2021 you helped us generate: $17,864 THANK YOU!!

Here’s a story about how the farmers we support at the COOCAFE cooperative in Costa Rica decided to invest their Premium.

COOCAFE was the first Fairtrade-certified cooperative in Costa Rica and now has over 3,800 farmer members. In the 1970s and 1980s, this tiny South American country suffered some of the highest deforestation rates in the world which resulted in massive biodiversity loss. So, one of the programs COOCAFE is using its Fairtrade Premium for is a Foundation called Café Forestal. 


Birds Eye view over the COOCAFE cooperative in Costa Rica

COUNTRY Costa Rica

Cooperative COOCAFE

FLO ID 718

Café Forestal, which is also funded through sales of a special Café Forestal coffee blend, has a farm in the province of Guanacaste that is wholly dedicated to reforestation. In fact, COOCAFE has used the Fairtrade Premium to reforest over 5,000 hectares. The Foundation also develops projects to combat global warming and climate change and to promote the sustainable growing of coffee and the production of organic fertiliser. Example projects include the renovation of processing plants and conversion to clean energy as well as new water treatment plants that reduced water usage by over 90%. 

Thank you for choosing Global Cafe Direct, and thank you for choosing FAIR.