Project t - Lemongrass & Ginger

Project t lemongrass & Ginger 18 tea bags
Project t lemongrass & Ginger 150g
Project t lemongrass & Ginger 150g back of pack
Project t lemongrass & Ginger tea back of pack

Applying the exacting standards for sourcing, the team at Project T use lemongrass and ginger from the finest estates around the world.

This is a simple blend of bright lemongrass and ginger's spice which creates a perfect blend of freshness and warmth in a well-balanced brew. Both known for healing properties too plentiful to list; just know it's good for you! The warming spice of ginger and the amazing cool dynamism of lemongrass make this an all-day champion.

These pyramid bags are filter-certified Soilon mesh, Soilon tea bags are made from corn starch, are biodegradable and can compost completely within approximately 30 days. Project T is a winner of multiple awards.

Grown and harvested under strict European Union guidelines.

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